20 ideas to increase member engagement with a multi-channel strategy

According to a Incorporated General Marketing, 50% of associations indicated that members do not renew their membership due to a lack of commitment. This is why member engagement has always been a top priority for association leaders. It’s important to recognize that different members prefer to engage in different ways and the way they consume content may vary.

To help you better align your engagement strategy with the multitudes of channels your members might prefer, we’d like to offer 20 ways to boost your members’ engagement across different marketing channels.

Update website with comprehensive and exclusive content

  1. Provide a detailed breakdown of your association’s value proposition, benefits and offerings
  2. Create a content repository with a timeline of past and upcoming events
  3. Post exclusive offers, discounts and referral programs for your members
  4. Introduce the members and their journey with you
  5. Highlight the impact of your association by emphasizing statistics and testimonials

Use social media to increase your reach and showcase your journey

  1. Share regular updates on your impact, membership offers and upcoming events.
  2. Reuse and customize your content for each platform, such as threads for Twitter, stories on Instagram, and carousels on Linkedin.
  3. Promote user-generated content and focus on members. Content can take the form of interactive polls, personal stories, or Q&As with experts.
  4. Welcome new members and celebrate the achievements of existing members.

Members like to get to know each other. Help them connect by creating a member spotlight and share it through your social media channels.

– Rachel Moore, Senior Director of Social Media and Outreach, Hubilo

Configure email nurturing for current and future members:

  1. Work with the leaders of your association and establish a 1:1 conversation with the best members
  2. Segment your list and offer personalized content based on your interests
  3. Leverage your newsletter to promote the latest courses and certifications.
  4. Nurture non-sales-ready leads. here is a step by step guide to refine your maturation campaign.

Organize experiential events with personalized content:

  1. Develop a calendar of events throughout the year to interact with your members
  2. Design more engaging virtual events using interactive polls, live Q&A, breakout rooms and live entertainment
  3. Create 1:1 networking opportunities for members to interact with industry experts
  4. Allow members to host their own breakout rooms and networking lounges
  5. Publish on-demand content for members to revisit at their convenience
  6. Gamify the experience and reward the most engaged members
  7. Personalize content based on data on engagement levels, satisfaction scores, and content effectiveness.

This is a list just to inspire you to start testing different ways of engagement. Have you tried a new way to interact with your members lately? Tweet us @Hubiloconnect or tag us @Hubilo with the hashtag #Hubilove on all other social networks.

Tanya J. Hill