Check Point CCO outlines distribution strategy as more partners look to “grow and grow” into new areas

Cybersecurity provider Check Point offers “many opportunities and avenues for growth” for channel partners as they plan to expand into new areas, its new chief commercial officer said. CRN.

Rupal Hollenbeck joined Check Point in March, taking over the role of CCO from Dan Yerushalmi who left the company to focus more on his family and personal interests.

She is responsible for the company’s global sales and marketing operations, bringing 25 years of experience in leadership roles at Oracle, Intel and Cerebras Systems.

Hollenbeck said many of Check Point’s channel partners who sell its Quantum network security line continue to “grow and grow,” with many of them moving into new areas of cloud security.

This includes the growth of its Harmony zone – which provides a unified security solution for devices and user access – as well as the CloudGuard zone.

“So those are the two areas where we both help existing partners grow and they give us feedback on how to grow,” Hollenbeck said.

She added that as partners do so, Check Point is embracing new breeds of cloud security channel partners, providing cloud security products and services.

Hollenbeck said, “This gives us the opportunity to help our existing channel partners expand into new areas and find new avenues for top line and bottom line growth.

“Then it also helps us in that we expose ourselves and are introduced to all kinds of new distribution partners who specialize in these new areas.

“So those who have been our loyal partners can grow their businesses as we grow ours.

“There are many opportunities and opportunities for growth for existing channel partners.”

Speaking about cybersecurity trends, Hollenbeck said customers are “increasingly” considering threat prevention as part of their future investments.

But she said among those trends is “complexity”, with many innovations across different vendors for customers.

Hollenbeck said: “We would like to see a truly vibrant innovation ecosystem. This innovation ecosystem brings complexity to our customers.

“So rather than being able to manage their infrastructure through a single pane of glass, they are currently looking at many systems, they are looking at many vendors who provide them with handheld solutions in different areas.”

She said it was a “growing challenge” for chief information security officers (CISOs) around the world, adding that managing “this complexity is difficult”.

Hollenbeck explained that the solution is to “provide this virtual single pane of glass that allows them to immediately examine the security of their infrastructure.”

“It’s something we call Infinity. Infinity is a collection of products and services that really delivers a compelling overall TCO proposition with this ease of management through a single virtual pane of glass.

“So we both see this trend towards vendor and solution complexity and we see an opportunity to consolidate and be able to deliver higher levels of value to our customers. It’s really exciting for us. .”

Tanya J. Hill