French Channel news: Tragedy after man drowned and 30 rescued trying to reach UK | United Kingdom | News

Friday’s drowning would be the first death in the English Channel this year.

Prosecutors said the deceased man was in his 20s and of Sudanese descent.

Local media said the alarm was raised when someone ashore spotted the struggling boat.

The individual was found overboard and unconscious in the early hours of Friday. He was brought ashore but was pronounced dead.

The latest attempts at the perilous journey come despite sub-zero temperatures on the French coast.

Several Border Force vessels have been active in the English Channel and at least one boat is believed to have reached the UK.

It comes after at least 271 people, including a young child, on board 10 small vessels reached the UK on Thursday.

The Press Association reports that so far this year more than 450 people have made the deadly journey across the English Channel in small boats after a record year in 2021.


Border Force and RNLI were busy in the cold Strait of Dover from 1am Thursday as calm conditions sparked a wave of attempts to reach the UK.

Earlier this month, Ms Patel brought in scientific advisers in a bid to use X-rays and medical checks on asylum seekers to stop adult men from ‘passing themselves off as children’ on the requests.

The Home Office has flagged the number of adult asylum seekers falsely claiming to be children as a ‘significant issue’ as it announced the creation of a scientific advisory committee to advise on ways to verify the age of those arriving in the UK.

Last year the government confirmed it was considering using ‘scientific methods’ in age assessments of people suspected of lying about their age under plans proposed in the bill. Nationality and Borders Act.

However, some activists and medical professionals have raised questions about whether the proposed measures are ethical or reliable.

Ms Patel said: “The practice of single adult men posing as children seeking asylum is an appalling abuse of our system that we will end.

“By posing as children, these adult men gain access to children’s services and schools through deception and deception – putting children and young adults at risk in school and in care.

“It is a fact that two-thirds of age dispute cases have revealed that the individual claiming to be a child is in fact over 18.”

Tanya J. Hill