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Inbox Insight has released a new research report on B2B multi-channel strategy. Download now at

Inbox Insight has released a free report titled: “B2B Multi-Channel Strategy: Market Research Report”. This comprehensive report aims to provide B2B marketers with the most relevant and timely multi-channel insights to determine the essential components of an effective multi-channel strategy in 2022. It presents a solid understanding of the current state of multi-channel marketing, main obstacles encountered in current multichannel practices and provides a model for multichannel success.

Based on their own first-party research conducted among 200 senior B2B marketing professionals within the Insights for Professionals (IFP) community, it explores the most used channels as identified by the research panel, the most critical for success and key channels for planned investment. This year.

One area where it’s clear senior B2B marketers intend to focus their resources in 2022 is paid social, with nearly half (46.5%) looking to invest more in this channel. More than a quarter (26%) of the research panel identified paid social media as one of the most difficult channels to manage, confirming findings that more resources are needed to build capacity, skills and awareness. understanding of such a valuable channel to build brand awareness.

Direct marketing is another channel that senior B2B marketers are looking to invest in, with 42% intending to do so in 2022 and 30% believing it to be critical to their strategy. Direct marketing has clearly not lost its place in the marketing arsenal with almost a third of B2B marketers still using it. However, more than a quarter (27.5%) find this channel the most difficult to manage, suggesting that target audience behaviors have changed in recent years and therefore investments should focus on understanding how to effectively engage with direct marketing in today’s B2B landscape.

Interestingly, nearly half (49%) of senior B2B marketers outsource 50-75% of their channels. Is there a recurring lack of specialized internal skills needed to manage specific channels? The data suggests so.

Report contributor Amie Lovell says, “An effective and fully integrated multi-channel approach is key to delivering a seamless multi-channel experience in 2022 and beyond. This is how you truly engage your target audience and deliver the right content on the right channels at the right time. »

When asked why they released the report at this time, Paul David, Marketing Director at Inbox Insight, said, “As B2B marketers look to invest more resources in the channels identified from From our first-party research as we move forward into 2022, it’s clear that many pain points exist for UK and US marketers. Budget constraints, reporting, and implementing a unified multi-channel strategy across all channels are some of the biggest hurdles felt at all levels. »

He continues….. “Additionally, understanding what constitutes the most effective multi-channel strategy reveals exactly where B2B marketers should consider investing resources to get the most performance out of their currently used channels. It also provides an indication solid understanding of which channels are best suited for key marketing initiatives such as brand awareness, to understand the most effective channels to leverage in line with the overall marketing plan and objectives.

Interested parties can find the report ready to download, free of charge, here.

Inbox Insight was founded in 2010 and is a B2B demand generation specialist within the B2B digital marketing industry. He is best known for enabling brands around the world to reach the right decision makers within their target accounts and engage them through a series of personalized multi-channel strategies.

Its unique position within its industry gives it the authority to produce such a report, as all research was conducted with senior B2B marketing professionals within the IFP community, all of whom are relevant decision makers within their business.

If you’re a senior B2B marketer looking for an instant snapshot of the most prevalent multichannel strategy insights for 2022, this report could be a great asset for you.

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The B2B Multi Channel Strategy: Market Research Report is available for download now from Inbox Insight.

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