John Byrne on Dell’s PC and Laptop Channel Strategy

John Byrne: “We want both market paths to grow”

Amid channel partner concerns over Dell Technologies’ recent decisions on its client systems sales move, John Byrne says Dell is “all in” with its partners.

“Let me be very clear and leave a message to the partners: listen, we all agree, but I want the partners to sell the entire portfolio. I want them to work with us as we helping our customers through their digital and cloud journey,” said Byrne, president of North America sales for Dell, in a 15-minute interview with CRN.

Dell’s Customer Solutions Group (CSG), which includes PCs, laptops, notebooks and monitors, was on fire in 2021. The Round Rock, Texas-based company generated record CSG sales of $14.3 billion in its recent fiscal second quarter, representing a 27% year-over-year growth rate.

“Here is our channel strategy for client systems: we want both routes to market to develop, both direct and channel,” he said.

With many solution providers concerned that Dell is shifting its client systems sales model to a direct rather than partner-led sales model, Byrne talks to CRN on its CSG sales strategy and guidelines as well as the company’s partner engagement.

“What I said very clearly to my heart [direct] sellers is: Understanding the rules of engagement. If you break them, bad things will happen to you,” he said.

Tanya J. Hill