Noname Security Announces Ambitious EMEA Channel Strategy to Capitalize on Accelerating Demand for API Security

Dynamic partnerships, alliances and training program position Noname Security’s channel to seize application security opportunities as customers pursue public cloud adoption

Amsterdam, Netherlands, November 2, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Nameless Securitythe leader in API security, today shared its EMEA Channel Strategy, which builds on the significant momentum achieved over the past six months and is led by Ides Vanneuville, recently appointed Director EMEA Channels & Alliances.

Vanneuville is an experienced leader in the cybersecurity market with a strong background in cybersecurity and solutions engineering, having held several leadership positions in organizations such as Palo Alto Networks, Nutanix and Aviatrix.

Demand for API security solutions is accelerating across EMEA as enterprises continue to transition to the public cloud and increasingly adopt cloud-native development strategies. High-profile API breaches underscored the critical nature of API security and the need for advanced solutions such as the Noname API Security Platform that accelerates digital transformation while addressing security risks and vulnerabilities APIs.

This offers a new growing market for established cybersecurity resellers and new entrants.

“I’m excited to join Noname Security at a time when the channel is transforming to meet the growing demand for the powerful yet easy-to-use API security our platform provides,” comments Vanneuville. “We are building productive partnerships with traditional cybersecurity companies looking to expand their offerings in the DevSecOps market, as well as the innovative application-centric resellers that are creating opportunities in this space.”

Noname Security operates a 100% indirect sales model and its distribution strategy focuses on strengthening its presence in the EMEA region by entering into key partnerships with a range of resellers, consultants, systems integrators and distributors of cybersecurity.

Since March 2022Noname Security has signed new partnerships with Oversightpart of Xebia (Netherlands, Denmark & Germany), NewGens Sdt (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand), CyberGate Defense (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES), Evangelion (Middle East & Africa), Adinet (Italy), iSOC24 (Benelux) and high point (UK and Netherlands) . These partners join a diverse group of existing partners across Europethe Middle Eastand Africa.

These partners will be supported by Noname Security global partnership program, which provides the resources they need to resolve key customer issues in their region and create tremendous revenue opportunities in the API Security market. The program is designed to reflect variations in API security market maturity and context in each geography.

“API security is a rapidly evolving field that revolves around how APIs are used in different territories,” adds Vanneuville. “For example, the increase in open banking in emerging regions like Turkey is driving the demand for API security in this region, and we have new Noname Security partners in place to meet this need. Similarly, the booming m-commerce market in Africa is a valuable target for our partners to focus on. Our program helps partners target these key vertical markets and build a reputation for excellence.”

API Security Workshops Provide Essential Partner and Market Training

Noname Security runs a series of workshops to educate the marketplace and channel partners on the importance of protecting APIs from attack and how to do so. These are currently available, both virtually and in-person in a variety of cities around the world, and will help Noname’s distribution partners as well as their end users understand:

  • The underlying security risks when deploying APIs
  • Emerging Threats Facing Applications and APIs
  • Techniques used to exploit vulnerable APIs
  • How unnamed Security monitors API traffic for anomalies.

“These educational workshops are an important part of Noname’s go-to-market strategy,” concludes Vanneuville. “An educated market is a receptive market, and with these workshops we aim to ensure that customers and partners fully understand the urgency of securing APIs in order to protect core revenue streams from disruptive attackers. a relatively new field, but one that is critically important to the success and stability of modern businesses as the cloud transition continues and cloud-born businesses accelerate innovation and scale. “

About Nameless Security

Noname Security is the only company to take a comprehensive and proactive approach to API security. Noname works with 20% of the Fortune 500 and covers the entire API security perimeter across three pillars: posture management, runtime security, and API security testing. Noname Security is a private, remote-first company headquartered in Palo Alto, Californiaand offices at Tel Aviv and amsterdam.

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Tanya J. Hill