Performanta considers acquisitions in the United States as part of its distribution strategy

The Performanta CEO said he was beginning to consider acquiring in the United States, calling the prospect “long overdue.”

Guy Golan says the move is one of two key parts of the MSSP’s distribution strategy this year.

Performanta, based in the UK, sells both directly to customers but also through the channel. Golan has already said CRN that it plans to create an indirect channel for Performanta to sell its own intellectual property in the form of its cybersecurity orchestration platform called CORE. The MSSP boss said the company was already working with giants such as Computacenter, Crayon and Deloitte around its CORE offering.

Talk to CRN about his channel projects, Golan said he is currently looking for companies that fit his channel model.

He also called the US market “the one that suffers the most from a lack of adequate security.”

“At the same time, most organizations are American in nature, so there’s a bit of a challenge here that companies spend most of their money on American resources,” he said.

“If we can help and we can disrupt the market by providing great service at a lower cost while keeping customers safe, the United States is somewhere we really want to be.”

Golan said another focus area of ​​its distribution strategy is “using” distribution partners.

“They have to sell cybersecurity, but if they want to sell it, they focus primarily on the technology elements,” Golan said.

“The services element is something they don’t want to scale. They don’t want to buy themselves or build it and they prefer to partner.

“So that’s great for us. We want to find that symbiotic relationship with those kinds of distribution partners.”

He also called partners “fundamental” to Performanta’s strategy, arguing that its platform “wonder” to the channel.

“At the end of the day, we’re a small to medium organization and we don’t intend to build everything so that we can do everything ourselves.

“There are enough channel partners that this story is of interest to them. They want to disrupt the market and they want to create a level of cohesion with their customers.”

In a final speech to MSPs, he added, “I think our end-of-story cybersecurity platform will help the channel grow even further.”

Tanya J. Hill