Report: Most Marketers Struggle to Succeed in Their Multi-Channel Strategy

It’s becoming more important than ever for marketers to connect with customers and prospects across multiple channels. However, new research indicates that many fail to achieve the goals associated with using existing multi-channel strategies.

Ascend2 recently released “The State of Multi-Channel Marketing” report, and statistics suggest that the majority of marketers (67%) rate their multi-channel marketing strategy as “somewhat successful” in achieving strategic goals. Creating an effective strategy (48%), insufficient budget/resources (46%), and data quality (37%) were named the top challenges in this area.

That being said, most marketers (59%) agree that they currently have “the right amount” of channels in place. Over the next year, the majority of respondents (55%) believe that social media, in particular, will contribute the most to business growth.

Balance paid and unpaid investments in marketing channels

When it comes to investing in various channels, previous research suggests that more and more marketers are starting to allocate their budgets to paid channels.

Gartner produced the “State of Marketing Strategy and Budget 2022” report, and the data indicates that most digital marketing spend (60%) is now on paid channels. In particular, 10.1% is spent on social advertising and 9.8% is spent on search advertising.

However, marketers are not completely abandoning non-paying channels. About 8.5% of the marketing budget allocation goes to SEO and 7.8% is used for email marketing. The same percentage is dedicated to content and messaging.

Tanya J. Hill